A Love Story......Cooper

by Natalie
(Kentucky, USA)



How did someone I'd only had for 5 months change my life so much? I'd been begging for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi for years. Finally, right before Christmas 2013, I found the ad for the perfect puppy. I named him Cooper and he came to live with me in February 2014.

From the moment he stepped into my house, he stole my heart! I was smitten. This little boy changed my whole life for the better. He touched everyone he met in a positive light.

Through Facebook, friends everywhere came to know and love Cooper. I posted pics and videos almost every day. On 7/10/14, just 5 months after he came into my life, he was tragically injured and I had to make a decision that was the most difficult of my life. I had to choose to free him from a life of pain.

I miss him terribly and I'm not sure how I'll continue on in the days, weeks, and months ahead. I love him and miss him desperately.

Cooper, you taught me love, patience, and kindness. Thank you for your love.

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Beautiful Cooper
by: Dorothy Morrell

So sorry for your loss of the beautiful Cooper. I lost 3 pets within 2 years. I feel your pain. :-(

I rescued a dog last year that looks like a combination of two of my dogs that passed. His name is Hank and I just love him so much. I think he rescued me!!!

You never forget your other pets but it helps ease the pain.

Take are and cherish all your memories!


Your Cutest Puppy!
by: Linda

Hi Natalie, I loved your story and I feel your pain. I too just lost the love of my life, my dog named Suki. I didn't have him long enough in my life it felt like, yet it was 11 years. We never have them long enough, especially when they are so special in our lives.

I wish I had some magic words for you that would relieve your pain.

My Suki was a rescue. I literally rescued him from the streets of deep southern Mexico, where he was living and slowly starving to death. He was about 6 months old at the time.

We had a strong connection and he too taught me about love, living, life itself and the preciousness of it all.

Since Suki's passing, I have rescued another little dog. This one is from the humane society. She's the cutest thing. She makes me laugh. She brings joy to me.

What I am trying to say is don't wait too long before you bring another little one into your life. There are plenty of little ones out there that need your love. Love heals all. Love is what you need right now. Cooper still loves you and he always will.

Bless you and may you heal quickly.


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