A Letter to Bozee

by Doug Steele
(Moscow Russia)

Our Bozee passed away on Thanksgiving at 23:00. He had been very ill and my wife had been giving him IVs at home for a week.

I own a bar. I wrote to my wife and asked if she wanted some turkey dinner, and she said no. She then wrote that Bozee had died. I rushed home. She was crying and her mom was there to help.

I held our dog for 45 minutes and cried like a child. I so miss him. I am profoundly grateful for the love he gave us all these years.

The grief will pass in time but he will always be within our hearts.

We miss you little guy.

Doug and Inna

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Thinking of Bo
by: Doug

Hi Bozee. It has been a long time since I wrote you. I now live in Prague and visit Inna and Fiona once a month in Warsaw. They will soon join me here.

Fiona has trouble with her heart and her legs. We removed 1/2 her breasts to prevent spread of cancer. She is much loved, Bo, as were you.

We think of you often, and miss you very much. I am sure you have many friends where you are. We would love to hold you one more time!! Miss you little guy.

Hi Bozee
by: Doug Steele

Hi Bozee. I wanted to let you know that we have moved to Warsaw, Poland, and Fiona is with us. Inna brought her on the train three weeks ago.

Inna has gone back to Moscow and goes to Khosta on Monday to spend time with her mom and Bi. She will also see all of the Pirate gang.

Fiona misses Inna as I have to work every day except week-ends so I walk her daily at 6:30 and then after work at 19:00.

She is good, Bozee, and you would like her now. She is much more affectionate.

Warsaw is beautiful Bo. You would enjoy living here.

We think of you often Bo. We all love you very much.


Thinking of Bozee
by: Doug Steele

Hi Bozee.

I wanted to let you know that there is not a day goes by that we do not think of you. We have your photos all over the house.

Fiona is still with us and in her own way misses you too. Inna and I spend a lot of time in Khosta, taking care of many of the homeless dogs there. One your mom has, named Bonya, looks like you only larger.

We swam in the Black Sea at the beach that you loved so much.

We miss you very much Bo. Memories of you are everywhere. Thank you for that.

All our love

Doug and Inna

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