A Crazy Dog

by Shayna

Leroy came to us as an abused dog. He wouldn't let anyone get near him- he'd bark at you and snap at you if you got too close. My Mom and I didn't know what to make of him but my dad didn't give up on him. He'd go out every hour or so to check on Leroy and eventually, the dog warmed up to my dad.

After that, they were inseparable. Leroy would wait for my dad to come home and he'd sneak up behind him and wait patiently for him to pet him.

After a few years, Leroy came out of his shell and allowed his true colors to show. His favorite thing was to run out of the gate and wait to see if you would come and get him. Of course, I was always the one to run after him and as strange as it sounds, he loved it. His eyes would get big, his tongue would hang out, and just as I got close enough to get him, he'd take off. We would go on like this for about an hour as my neighbors would look on in utter amusement and finally after I couldn't stand it any longer and would start walking home, he'd finally decide to go back into the yard.

We have had him for 14 years and he has been a good dog. He had so much personality about him and he thought he was more human than he was a dog. People were often amazed at us for adopting a dog that had been so abused and traumatized. They said he would never act the same. Although he was a different kind of dog- never affectionate, wouldn't jump on you or try to lick your face, he came to us for a reason. I believe it was to make us a more compassionate family.

Leroy tested our patience. At times we wondered if we could ever rehabilitate him. But God gave him to us for a specific purpose. Maybe it was because our lives were too boring and we needed a dog like him to make us more interesting. And although my heart is breaking, I believe that I will see Leroy again. For a good dog deserves to go to Heaven and that's where he will be.

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Goodbyes to Best Friends
by: Kevin A

Dear Shayna

I think your story is a testament to what a big heart you have. To take in a dog that was abused like that and give it a second chance at life is such a beautiful thing to do. You should take comfort in the fact that without you, he would have never had a life. You are right about him coming into your life to teach you about love.

People can learn so much from dogs if they just open up their hearts and minds. The lessons they teach us are invaluable.

I'm sorry for your loss. I know how hard it can be because I'm going through it right now also. It's like your best friend dying and it can leave an empty space inside you that can be difficult, if not impossible, to fill. As time passes, the pain will subside, but never the great memories they leave you with.

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