A Beloved and True Friend

by Sherry
(Hudson, MI)

This is for my best friend of fourteen years, Sophie. She was my dog. There is a hole in my heart that will take along time to heal.

The other two family dogs are looking for their friend. They go to where she always would lay, wondering where she is.

I am feeling very guilty for my beloved dog's last days. It was the weekend, we were trying to make it through till Monday morning. I held her tight, petting her head. She was shaking, crying and very limp. My Sophie girl suffered, I fear, and it was my fault. Her last breath was around 2:00 am, Sunday morning.

I never should have let her die at home, suffering. The last picture I took was about three weeks before she passed. Every time I look at her eyes in that photo, I cannot help but cry. It was then that she was telling me, "Mom, it is time for me to go." Listen to what your pet tells you.

Sophie, you will forever be in my heart.

Love, your person

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I Understand
by: glenda

I feel for you so much, having lost our Sophie 6 months ago. The ache and pain is going, but it still hurts. It's such a personal experience.

I miss her so much, but I did not get maudlin with others for it's such a personal experience. My advice is to still love, recall with love your dear pet. People who know you well will understand.

Bless you. xox

by: Lori

My husband and I lost our German Shepherd Rocky on Feb. 19, 2013 after 14 years of true devotion and total love.

My husband was visiting his daughter in Florida so it was up to me to do this. Rocky was starting to have trouble with his rear legs, but one morning woke up and could not walk. I tried to help him outside but he was unable to help me at all. Since he weighed 100 pounds, I had my nephew help me get him to the vet.

The vet told me it was time, and I decided he was right. Our vet cried as much as I did. Rocky went to sleep with me holding his paw because he went to sleep that way every night and I wasn't going to let him down. I told him I would make it better, and this was the only way I could.

Seeing the light go out of his eyes will haunt me for the rest of my life. The hole in my heart feels like it will never heal. I know that some day I will be able to think about him and smile but he was our baby. I can feel him watching to make sure I am safe.

His grave is in our backyard. I can't wait till the weather gets warm so I can go out there and make it pretty. He was so special that he deserves the best.

He felt so much love that all you had to do was smile at him and he would get up and give you a hug (which was pressing his head against your leg) and lots of kisses.

So I know the pain you are feeling and offer my very deepest sympathy. May they rest in peace. I am positive that they are in heaven with God waiting to be reunited with us again.

Thank you...
by: Rhonda

....for your heart-felt condolences. I am sorry for the loss of your best friend, Sophie; she sounds like an amazing dog.

They give us so much and ask for so little. I've learned in the last week that we humans are very good at beating ourselves up, feeling guilty for all the things we did or could have done differently.

As hard as it is, I guess we should try to learn from our beautiful best friends and live for the enjoyment of life, wagging our tails and simply loving with no bad thoughts. I know... easier said then done, but we can only try. Thanks again for your kind thoughts.

Sophie's Person
by: Sherry

This website is so comforting, to know that others love their pets as much as I do. Thank you for your caring thoughts.

I hope that everyone who has had a dear dog friend can hold on to the special memories.

That is so true
by: Teresa

Darren's comment is so true about the guilt of euthanasia. That is the image that I can't get out of my mind to the point of being hospitalized here in the last few days.

It seems that every time I close my eyes I see Bodie laying on that vet's table when the light left his eyes.

Like Darren, I know I did the right thing. It is still so hard to get past that. I keep reading that the happy images will replace that last image and I believe that. Iit just seems to be taking longer for me.

You did exactly what was best for Sophie. She was very much loved and had a happy life. We can all just wish for that. You know that Sophie had that.

I think finding this site and being able to share thoughts that I don't even share with family has helped tremedously.

We can and will get through this together.

I am so sorry for your loss.

by: Darren

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Sophie. I hear your struggle. But there can be just as much guilt with euthanasia, at least for me.

I released my Sadie from her suffering on August 20 and have been haunted by guilty thoughts at times. Did I let her go to soon? Could I have done more? Had I known I was going to lose her I would have fed her better food rather than her old dry stuff with canned.

What's most important to remember is the love we had for our animals and the happy times we spent together.

There is a huge void in my life with Sadie gone - I loved her and she loved me. That's what I need to remember.

I hope things get easier for you. You are fortunate that you have other pets to help buffer the loss. There is still a dog in my life at my wife's house whom I visit regularly, which seems to help.

But I know there won't be another Sadie. Each animal seems to be unique.

Hang in there and remember to be gentle with yourself.

by: Anonymous

We are only humans. That is why we don't read the most obvious signs that are given us. Bless you and your Girl.

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