Nicky, My Angel – Her End Was a New Beginning

by Sabine

That´s Nicky with a kitten she rescued once

That´s Nicky with a kitten she rescued once

Nicky was born on 22nd December 1996. A friend of mine owned her mommy and she gave me Nicky as a Christmas present. Of course I had to wait for three more months until I could take her home. I visited her every day and was so happy when she finally came home with me. Nicky was my once in a lifetime dog, or so I thought.

She was funny, loving, caring, friendly to everyone. Nicky was with me when I was growing up, when my sister died at the age of 19 in a car accident, when my grandparents died and when I lost my horse. She was always there, my little soul mate. Whatever life had in store, my Nicky was at my side.

She saved a little kitten, comforted senior citizens when visiting the retirement home, swam in the ocean, ran by my side when I galloped along the beach. We shared so much.

She never was seriously ill, but on the 22nd October 2013, she died. I was devastated. I live in Europe (Italy/ Germany) and from one day to another, I couldn't stay here anymore. I went to the USA, like I was running from my old life with Nicky. I didn't know how to go on.

After some months I had to go back to work, still only half alive. No one understood what I was going through. They all kept saying: Come on, she was old and had a happy and long healthy life. Yes, she did... but how to go on without her?

I blamed myself for never making Nicky a puppy mommy. That way I could've kept a part of her.

Then, one day at the end of March 2014, friends called me and asked if I would be home in about one hour. They brought me a puppy and a letter. My friend says: I think this is what Nicky would like to tell you.

This is the letter:

Sorry my love, I could no longer stay.
I had come to the end of my long way.
You can mourn and cry for me,
but then in time please honor me.
I'm sending you greetings down there from heaven.
Take good care of this little angel forever.
Until one day we meet again and I will say:
Well done my friend.

The puppy was a nine week old mix (Nicky was also a mix), but she had a vaccination record. Her birthday was also a 22... the 22nd of January in 2014.

Well, long story short... "Lexi" is by my side now. I have the answer now. If Nicky ever had babies, none of them could be more like her than Lexi is. Whatever Nicky did up there in heaven, she didn't forget about me.

Lexi is such a sweet and kind dog. She saves other animals and lightens up the seniors. She's often mistaken for Nicky, even though they look different. I don't try to explain everything, but I often say: No she's not Nicky, but I think they´re related. And that´s all they need to know.

Thank you Nicky. I know you've never really left me. I will take good care of each and every angel you send. But then one day, when we meet again, I will also tell you: Well done my friend.

Thanks for reading. :-)

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