God Sent Me His Love in the Form of a Pug

by Corinne Denham

When dad brought you home, we had two big dogs and I had not wanted another, especially a small dog. Dad said, "It will only be awhile and our son will take him home." That while turned into a year and a half. When our son came to say he wanted you, dad said, "If you take him now, you will break your mom's heart."

I fell so totally in love with you and you picked me to be your soul-mate. Not dad, like all the other dogs, but me!!! We were everywhere together. I was a housewife, kids grown and gone, and you were a perpetual 2 yr. old. You were ornery and spirited and the most funny, friendly, loving dog. And you loved me best.

You were a challenge, yet I learned to guide you with a gentle hand. Like a spirited horse, I needed to hold the reins gently because pulling up hard made you more stubborn. You couldn't be bribed with treats. I learned that you minded out of love, not for any other reason. You stayed by me because you wanted to.

And I learned that spirit can be the most beautiful attribute. No animal or human is beautiful whose spirit has been broken.

You minded when you wanted and that was ok because you did mind... eventually. You never ran off and made me look for you, yet you never came when I called either, not until you were good and ready. And you allowed me to yell at you without running and hiding. You knew I was all bark and no bite.

Now I find it so hard to be without you. You were my heart. mM boy. God's love in the form of a pug. I don't think this pain will ever leave me till I join you again.

I lost my baby boy Sept. 30th 2011. I wiped your butt, bathed you, fed you, worried over you, put you to bed, taught you, got angry at you, laughed with you, sat up with you when you were sick, cried when they removed your eye. You were my child.

I miss you beyond reason for all the love, devotion, joy and laughter you gave me for 12 glorious years. I'll forever be grateful. Even knowing the outcome, I would do it all again.

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by: Jim

Princes Mia owned my heart. She came to me as a baby. She was a birthday gift for my wife, and she was all mine. She chewed on my ears while laying on my shoulder and would fall asleep.

She graduated to chewing up my glasses, but I never scolded her. How could you? Those big brown eyes that gave nothing but love.

Mia passed July 5, 2017 at the age of 11 years. Her breathing problems, which had haunted her for about a year, escalated quickly. We were at the vet on Thursday, where we were offered new medications, which we tried but unfortunately were not successful.

I never knew I could hurt this bad. The pain, the tears, everything has a Mia memory. I keep thinking she will come back. But yet, I know she won't.

She is buried in the back wooded area of our property with our other fallen pets, yet she remains special. Her grave is marked with a plaque, flowers and love. Because she is in the woods, I like to think that she is running and playing back there.

by: El

I lost my little baby 6 months ago and I miss him so much. He was my soulmate and the best baby in the world.

Carlito was so kind, so sweet and so happy. He was the soul of everything.

I can't understand why you had to go. I miss you so much that it hurts. I hate all the sicknesses you had and that they took you from me.

I hope that you are no longer in pain, my little j.c... Please forgive me if I disappointed you.

I love you, carlitako ...

by: Hazel

My Pug Lola died 4 days ago. She had been very sick for 4 weeks. Her immune system was shutting down. Despite all medication, she could not go on.

I rushed her to the vet where she died a few minutes later. I can't believe she has gone.

I miss you so much, Lola. I will have your ashes soon. We will always be together.

RIP My little puglet.


15 Years Was Not Enough
by: Cici

I had my princess Amber for 15 years but it was still not enough time. I rescued her from a bad situation at the tender age of 1. Despite what she had been through, she came into my home with a smile, full of excitement, ready to make a new start. She immediately won us over with her snorts and grunts.

She was a tubby little ball of energy who quickly became the heart and soul of our family. She went with us to rock concerts in the park, vacations, long walks on the beach. She won everyone over who met her.

I lost her on April 3, 2015 and a year later I still look over at the spot where her bed was every morning, and smile.

She was my child, my heart and my best friend.

My Sweet Sadie aka Sweetie Pie
by: Debbie Mattice

I lost my Sadie on October 10, 2016. She meant the world to me. Ten years with her was not enough. I was truly blessed to be loved by my Sweetie Pie.

I miss her deeply. I shed many tears daily. I miss her snoring, the cuddles and everything about her. Our house feels so empty without her.

She will always be in my heart and on my mind. I am thankful that I had ten years with her. She was a beautiful black Sweetie Pie.

I love you and miss you so much, Sadie.

Love always,

We will cuddle again someday.

by: Mommy

Only tears left here. I lost my baby girl. At age 11, Queenie died of cancer. Most beautiful, smartest, most special, the best thing that ever happend to me.

We hadn't been apart longer then 4 hours in those 11 years. My heart is broken.

My Life Seems Pointless Now
by: Ronnie K

My sweet Muffin. I can't get over how much love she still had to give. She was at least 12 years old.

I feel she was taken from me, when all of a sudden she stopped eating on 9/23/16. I took her to the vet that following Monday to have blood work and to find out her liver and kidneys were shutting down.

I had no signs of this happening in the weeks before. So, I had the vet do whatever was needed to get her through this. Well, she did not make it.

I know she was up in age but she had so much more love to give. She was all I had. I'm a 50 year old guy with no wife, no kids, no friends and now my best friend is gone. (My only friend.)

I ask myself what is the point of this life?

I hate even going home now. She would be there, waiting on me to get home from work, and ready to eat. She would wake me up in the mornings to take a walk.

My life will never be the same.
I miss her so much. :(

I have a hole in my heart
Muffin is her name and I need her back.
My Life seems Pointless Now
RK to Muffin XOXOXO

My Sweet Little Paddy
by: Kristen

I was blessed to have you for 8 1/2 years. You always wanted to be held or be right by my side. You were the most cuddly sweet lovable black Pug.

At times when I thought you were sleeping I'd look over at you and you were just gazing at me. It's like you knew you wouldn't be able to see me much longer. I'd like to think you just felt lucky to be loved and taken care of.

I hope you knew that I loved you with all my heart. You could push my buttons with your stubbornness at times, but one look at you and I couldn't help but smile and laugh at your happy little face.

The day I had to drive you home from the vet after your cancer diagnosis in Feb. 2016 was the worst. I cried and told you over and over how sorry I was that this was happening. I remember just wanting to get you home so we could swing on your favorite swing in the backyard. I could have spent the rest of my life taking naps and sitting and swinging with you for hours.

Two months later, I decided it was time you needed to be put to sleep. I didn't want you to go through any suffering.

I took the swing down after you were gone. It wasn't the same without you. I miss you, my sweet little Paddy. I miss you beyond words.

My Pug Moko
by: Sayantani Mandal

When my sis brought you, we were not at all happy. It was our first time responsibility of a pet, but with time you became the heart of our family. Following us always, making cute funny gestures, cuddling us. Feeding you was really the golden moment of life.

Then suddenly one night your breathing distress started. You were not cured with immediate medical attention. You went into the eternal sleep on 3.11.2015 at the tender age of 3 years 10months.

I miss you every moment, every day and will miss you always. Rest in peace. You were our family, and we miss you dear.

With love.

I Miss My Boy
by: Rocky's Mom

My sweet Rocky, you died in my arms on June 11, 2016. You were so brave. A puppy mill rescue, I remember you creeping out of your kennel, wiggling your little pug tail when you first began to trust me. How happy I was!

You were only five years old when you came to me, but life had treated you roughly. No one had ever loved you, given you a treat or a toy or a soft blanket to sleep on. We made up for lost time.

You were blind when you came to me, and so scared of everything. You gradually learned how to be a pug, but shortly thereafter, you began losing your ability to walk. When you were 8 years old, we got you a wheelie cart and a stroller and you kept right on being the funny, lovable little man you always were. Never complained. Through diapers, infections, breathing problems...you were staunch.

You got me through hard times and loved me so very much. When we moved, you didn't seem happy. Your breathing got worse. Despite all the vet and I could do, God called you home. I looked in your eyes and told you I loved you. Did you hear me? You were gone.

You took all the good things in my life with you, baby boy. I can't begin to say how much this hurts. I miss you so much and I will love you forever. My little Rocketman.

Dennis, My Pug
by: Julie

9.6.16. Dennis was put to sleep. A week before he was acting weird and quiet, then he kept being sick. I took Dennis to the vets. The next day they gave him a liquid to check for blockage. Dennis had a habit of chewing up things.

The vet phoned me and said it was best to operate as he was no better. They removed a piece of something which had pierced his bowel. They told me if Dennis survived for 5 days he would make it.

A day later, early evening, the vet phoned. They would have to open Dennis up again as infection had shown. The vet said he did not have much chance of surviving because of infection.

I felt helpless, heartbroken. Dennis was 16 months old. By the Wednesday I had to go to the vets and make the decision as his stomach was infected again. It's a few weeks now but I feel guilty he chewed up stuff, and guilty he died.

God Bless You, My Little Colonel
by: BJ

Every day I think about you and miss you so very much.

You were my little man, my soldier, and so very special.

Pugslee and I miss you so much. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you.

Rest in peace, my baby. One day we will all be together again.

Golda Girl
by: Terry


It has been exactly a year today and it still hurts so much,

We have a new puppy, but he is not you. He is nothing like you. You were my soul dog. You got me. There isn't a single day that goes by that your absence isnt felt.

There is still such an emptiness in my heart and soul, it hurts I still miss you so much and hope one day we can be together again.

My sweet little girl, may you rest in peace. Know you are loved and greatly missed. You did pugs proud. You were the best pug ever!

Much love and hugs, Golda Gil, the black Pug.

by: Penny

I just put my sweet boy pug down yesterday. My grief knows no bounds. He was a gentle, kind, sweet, funny and loving little fawn pug.

I adopted him because he ended up at the local pound. Nobody wanted him because he was a hermaphrodite. What a joyful day it was!!

My heart is empty.

My Catherine
by: Natalie

I miss my little fawn pug. I haven't experienced pain like I have over the last two weeks without her. I haven't been able to step foot in my back yard. It hurts so much that I am moving house.

She was my light, and loved me without words. I would give everything to just have her back. I guess God wanted her more.

I hope she knows the love in my heart will never fade, and that I'm sorry I can't hold her or look in her gorgeous eyes and tell her I love her.

What hurts the worst is not knowing. I am broken. I can't explain my pain but I won't ever replace her with another. I go on by telling myself that she's with me and watching me but I just can't see her or cuddle her anymore. I cry every night with tears n in my heart.

She was my girl, and I love her without words.

All my love to meet you soon, Princess.

Love, mummy xxxxxxxxxxxx

My Annie
by: Peg

My 8 year old Annie was killed by a pit bull and was taken from me with no warning as my husband walked her. So suddenly, so quickly. I just would not have thought this would happen in a million years.

I was and am still in disbelief. My heart was and still is broken. I miss her still and it's been 2 months. I wake up with the heartache every day.

She was the most loving, gentle pug you would ever meet. She passed on 9-9-15. She was truly my soulmate. I will always miss her until we are united again. I truly feel that God gave his love to me in the form of a pug. ❤️

My dear Annie, my little pug, I will miss you forever. 🌺

Never a Day
by: Mom

To my beautiful boy..... 4 years now and I still miss you. You are in my thoughts every day and will always be.

"There are others, this is true, but they be they and they aren't you. As you rest take this with you.... I loved you best."

I Miss My Pug
by: Debbie

My pug passed on August 7, 2015 and I have done nothing but cry! I took her to my vet (who was on vacation). His son told me she was fine and to take her home. I knew she wasn't well. I slept on the sofa that night with her and she was gone by 6:30 the next morning.

He was incompetent, and I feel like I let my dog down. To make matters worse, when I carried her into the vet's office in the morning (deceased), he didn't bother to call until I called multiple times. I asked him if he looked at my pug and his response was, "No, she's back in the freezer. I guess I could pull her out and take a look to see if there is anything grossly wrong with her."

I was devastated. I still am. She was my baby and I miss her every day.

Best Girl Ever
by: Anonymous

4 months, and it is still a roller coaster. I am sitting here crying, feeling guilty for not having appreciated more every second I had you, and not making the most of that time. You died 3 weeks before your 12th birthday. It seems like our time together was cut short unfairly.

You had a certain elegance about your ways, like some hidden knowledge, which didn't quite match your clumsiness, which made you, you.

I don't think I will ever stop missing you. You weren't just an incredible dog and companion. You were one of a kind, my soul dog!

Everyone is shocked and saddened that you are not here. So many people who met you only a few times on walks shed tears. You had a way of winning anyone you met with your sweet face and super friendly loving disposition.

How I wish you were laying on the sofa tonight with me, or to have the privilege of having your soft snores lull me to sleep.

May you rest in peace, my beautiful, regal, loyal and courageous black pug, my Golda.

Miss You
by: Terry

I lost my girl Golda on 1-27-2015. It was unexpected. She had choked on something and I took her to an incompetent vet, and let her down terribly.

It has been 2 weeks and it is not getting easier. It is harder. Pugs are little heart thieves and they completely take over your heart.

Today is a warm day and I can't help but think about how we probably would have gone to the park, gone out for food, and how excited you got to go out. You seemed to know the days of the week perfectly.

Coming home to see you was something I always looked forward to. Now it is something I dread because you are not there! How can that be? You were so kind, loving and gentle.

I miss you terribly, my Golda Girl!

Naz Paws
by: Gretchen

I am devastated! I had to put my sweet little boy Naz to sleep on 1/9/15. I'm feeling sad and guilty for making such a tough decision just days before I am due to give birth to a little girl.

God gave me 13 wonderful years with him and it hurt to give him back but I believe he is in heaven and at peace. He started going blind several years ago when he was diagnosed with severe dry eye. Then he started suffering from doggie dementia.

If the vet didn't tell me to start thinking about his quality of life then I probably would have kept him around for a little bit longer. I guess it was time.:(

I am sad every day now. It's hard to get up in the morning and hard to come home knowing he is not here. He was the kindest, sweetest pug and was loved by everyone.

RIP Naz. I love and miss you. XOXO

by: Alice O.

The soul of my Izzy-Pug left this earth on 12/14/2014. He was 12 years old, my 4th pug, and the only boy. He was beautiful by the pug standard, with soft luxurious black fur.

He was great to cuddle and just had pure sweetness to his very core. He never chewed or destroyed anything in his life. His one wish was to touch his humans at all times.

He left a HUGE hole in my heart, and I will love and miss him forever; but, I would not trade my time with him for the pain I feel now. He was worth more tears than I can ever cry.

by: Mom

3 Christmases without you, but you are right here in my heart and memories always. I still hang your sock. The one that says "Dear Santa, paws leave the gifts and take the cat."

l Miss Mayalittlegirl
by: Carla

I miss Mayalittlegirl so much I hurt in my heart to not hear her. My pug was one of a kind. She loved me so much and she showed me every day. God gave me blessing when I got her.

I am so empty without her. I love you Mayalittlegirl. I want you to know you're in my heart so deep. I love you, my little girl, and miss you every day. This is so hard for me.

by: JoSmoBN

I lost my pug, Taz, this morning. At 6:20 AM I held him as he gasped for his last breath. Never have I met a dog more stubborn, and loving, than him.

I don't think I will ever fill this void. Sadness is manifesting in my chest. I just want to see him again.

I told him to find me when we have the chance again. I sure hope he heard me well. I'll be looking for him.

For Everything
by: Mom

It's been almost 3 yrs (9-30) since I lost my boy.

The hole they leave in our lives is never filled, but for all those times they stood by us, loved us, made us laugh, worried us, exasperated us, we're forever grateful that they stayed because of the undying love that says "it matters not where we are, what we do, or how life treats us as long as we are together." That's a trait not found often in the human race.

We had the honor of knowing this love.

I will never stop thinking of or missing my boy.

Ziggy my Pug
by: Becky

My beautiful boy Ziggy, my Pug, had to be put down 7/9/2014. I feel numb, punched in the gut, retching emotional and physical pain over this.

He was 7 1/2. My son rescued Ziggy from a puppy mill. He was so scared when he first came, he acted like a statue. When my son moved out, Ziggy stayed because the same thing happened: he had become a part of me. He was my soul, my heart, all the good things. He saw me through some very dark days and saved me from despair.

I feel so alone and keep walking through the house to find him. I call his name and the silence that follows is deafening. I will never get another dog.

I love you, Ziggy. Always.

Till No End
by: Anonymous

Time has a way of healing all wounds. Yet I am not able to stop feeling our time was cut short. You were so sweet and so perfect to me. Your memory will always be. Love you.

Almost 3 Years
by: mom

Never a day has gone by, my boy, that I don't think of you. My memories are always bitter-sweet. Bitter because I am reminded that memories are all I have. Sweet because I am reminded of how loved I was by you.

My Sidekick

I lost my baby girl today. She was my soul pug. I don't think I'll ever truly recover.

I miss her so much. I feel an emptiness in my heart that can never be filled until we are reunited.

We had so many wonderful memories. She was always by my side. I miss the click clacking of her nails on the hardwood floor, the snoring at night.

I miss you my baby.

2 Years
by: mom

2 years, my boy, and still I miss you. FOREVER in my heart and always on my mind.

Your Loss
by: ken

I am truly sorry for your loss. I have three pugs of my own, and can only imagine how I would feel to lose one of them.

Mylo, I Miss You
by: My beloved pug

I recently had to put my 13 year old pug boy Mylo to sleep. The vet diagnosed him with a brain tumor.

One night in bed he stood up and fell over. I took him to the vet. They could not find anything wrong with him. A week later the falling over started again.

I put him to sleep. I loved him too much to see him suffer.

I miss him so much at times my heart aches. He slept in bed with me, he sat in my chair with me. And followed me around. When I went to my bedroom he wanted to be with me.

It has been three weeks. I miss him so much. Everything reminds me of him.

by: mom

Over a year now and I still grieve my loss. Life goes on, my boy, but without you there is little joy except in my memories. Always and forever I'll love you.

Lady, My Pug
by: Anonymous

I lost my pug a month ago 5-2-2012. She passed out and died in my arms.

I miss her so much. She was my best friend.

Sometimes I want to be with her. I have her ashes, so when I leave this world, I want her ashes to go with me.

I miss you, Lady, so much.

My Boy
by: mom

I still miss you, my love. I don't think I'll ever stop. The tears are less now but the emptiness and loneliness are as strong as the day I came home without you.

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